Bahamas Gambling Trip: Gamble in the Exotic Paradise

Bahamas Gambling Trip: Gamble in the Exotic Paradise

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The first association with the Bahama islands are exotic beaches, white sand, eternal summer, and the sea. But do you know the real way to have fun on those glamorous islands?

Bahamas Casinos and Gambling Facts

The Bahamas belong to the Caribbean islands, and they are probably the most popular group of islands. It takes only half an hour to fly from the USA to the islands. They consist of numerous islands, each of which has its own cities. The tropical climate, warm sea, and sun make the country quite a desirable tourist attraction, particularly for the Americans. It’s both the location and what the country has to offer that make it that attractive and enticing among the tourists. Beautiful white sand beaches, fancy hotels, resorts, as well as night clubs promise everlasting and unforgettable entertainment. No wonder it is such a fascinating destination.

Besides daily entertainment and opulent nightlife, the Bahamas have taken gamblers into consideration as well. Even though gambling is prohibited for the locals, tourists are allowed to play in a number of luxurious casinos. Some of the most famous casinos are included in hotel resorts, thus creating a new notion of casino resorts. Overall, there are five completely legal gambling buildings at players’ disposal. They promise not only great fun but also a chance to turn their passion for playing into cash.

The greatest Bahama island is New Providence. It offers three out of five gambling buildings. In terms of games, the island features 2,350 video poker and slot machines, 240 cards and table games. The biggest gambling city is Nassau, located in New Providence, where all three gambling buildings are located.

The biggest casino in the entire country is Baha Mar Casino, situated in Grand Hyatt, located in, again, Nassau, New Providence. The casino features 1,500 slots and video poker machines and 150 card and table games.

Casinos and Resorts

Casinos-and-Resorts bahama

To enjoy your vacation fully and free your mind from worries about transport and accommodation, the best thing you could do is book an all-inclusive in one of the outstanding Bahamian resorts. If you happen to be a gambler, then you should definitely look for a casino resort.

A casino resort is a relatively new notion. It implies that a particular hotel resort includes a casino as well. This way, gamblers have everything at their disposal — they do not need to ramble around in search of a high-quality casino. In case you are not a fan of casino resorts, you can still choose from a range of luxurious and fancy casinos.

Our Lucaya Reef Village

Located on Grand Bahama Island, Our Lucaya Reef Village provides tourists with excellent accommodation, food, drink, as well as various activities to occupy your day. Besides, the resort offers you a chance to make your wallet happy again. Namely, it includes a casino done entirely in the style of Las Vegas. The casino covers the area of 35,000 square feet and features a vast variety of games such as poker, blackjack, and slot machines. What’s more, if you happen to be tired of playing, you can go out for a breath of fresh air and an amusing game of golf.

Radisson Our Lucaya Resort

Another resort located on Grand Bahama Island, Radisson Our Lucaya Resort features everything Our Lucaya Reef Village offers, combined with Radisson offer and accommodation. The resort is situated on the east of Lucaya’s estate and uses its golf courses and the casino. In return, it provides highly luxurious rooms and accommodation.

Wyndham Nassau Resort

Crystal Casino Palace located in Wyndham Nassau Resort features slot machines that accept sums ranging from a single penny to as many as one hundred dollars. Besides, it offers sports betting, primarily athletics, for all sports lovers. “Sports Book” gives sports fan the possibility to bet on their preferred teams. The casino itself offers table games such as roulette, baccarat, and craps, while the hotel provides players with accommodation as well as food and drink.

Atlantis Casino

Covering the area of 60,000 square feet, Atlantis Casino is the second-largest casino not only on the Bahamas but also on the entire Carribean Islands. It offers 85 card and table games along with 700+ slots. In addition to classic casino games, Atlantis Casino offers Race and Sports Book which allow sports enthusiast to watch and bet on their favorite sports events and teams.

Apart from traditional gambling, Atlantis Casino organizes slot tournaments every day, along with an array of tournaments every year. Those tournaments involve competitions in blackjack, slot games, and racebooks.

Loyal players who wager significant sums of money, known as high rollers, are promised special treatment — discounts and free access to special performances or events as well as ultra-lavish accommodation.

Baha Mar Casino

Baha Mar Casino offers the true spirit of Las Vegas, combined with a breath-taking view of the sea and the Nassau Cable Beach. The largest and the most fascinating casino on the Caribbean Islands occupies the area of 100,000 square feet and is located on the Nassau Cable Beach.

The casino features 119 tables where you can play 18 different card and table games such as roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat. In terms of slots, the casino offers as many as 1,100 slots that accept an array of wagers ranging from a cent to a hundred dollars. The slots involve reels-spinning and video reels, together with progressive jackpots, video poker, as well as electronic table games.

Final Thoughts

A gambling trip to the Bahamas is, without a doubt, something you will never forget. The complete experience of the Bahamian beaches, sea, and sun, combined with the gambling excitement and adrenaline, will remain in your memory forever. One thing is certain, this vacation is definitely something you will never ever regret.