Gambling Trips to Nevada

Gambling Trips to Nevada

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The state of Nevada is a paradise for all gambling enthusiasts. If your idea of a perfect vacation implies trips to casinos, Nevada is an ideal destination for you. Read on to gather all the useful information regarding the best gambling joints within the territory of Nevada.

Gambling Resorts in Nevada

When someone mentions the state of Nevada in the context of gambling, everyone immediately thinks of Las Vegas. That does not come as a surprise. The city of Las Vegas is for a reason famous as the Gambling Capital of the World. You will most definitely collect useful details in terms of gambling resorts in this luxurious city. However, I will also list some destinations outside of Las Vegas that are also suitable for gambling. Therefore, you will be able to take all your options into consideration.

The Best Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas

It is only logical to start with the most famous part of the state. Las Vegas has been a synonym for a gambling refuge for decades. Within its territory every aspiring gambler can find something that suits them, regardless of what their game of choice is. Casinos in Las Vegas comprise a variety of table games, slot machines, and even sports betting venues.

ARIA: High-limit Slot Rooms

This casino with a catchy name hosts a great number of high-limit slot machines. It is located on the Las Vegas Strip, in the center of all the action.

Not only will you be able to enjoy spinning the reels of some of the most lucrative slot machines, but you will also get to feel like royalty. The staff of ARIA puts your comfort above everything else. In that spirit, their guests have a full-service dining area, private bathrooms, and a whole team of butlers at their disposal. Additionally, there is a separate section for exchanging chips for bricks.

Being home to a fascinating number of over 2000 slot machines, ARIA organizes multiple slot tournaments each year. If you have a taste for high-quality slots, plan your vacation during one of those tournaments.

Bellagio: an Amazing Poker Resort


This is a perfect casino for all of you, old-school poker players, who enjoy the atmosphere that this classic card game creates. Bellagio contains forty poker tables. In comparison to a standard number of tables a casino usually holds, this is outstanding and worthy of admiration.

In addition to hosting a tournament in Texas Hold ‘Em daily, this resort provides a wide range of services to its guests, all for the purpose of making them feel as comfortable as possible.

Caesars Palace: Perfect for Sports Enthusiasts

Along with the attention worthy of Caesar himself, this place grants you the opportunity to bet on your favorite sporting events.

Caesars Palace has a gargantuan LED video wall consisting of oversized screens, plasma screens, and a LED board. The sole purpose of this extravagance is to enable the bettors to be up to date with all the latest betting options.

Golden Nugget: Know Your Way Around the Table

Not only is Golden Nugget the ultimate resort for table game aficionados, but it also regularly offers brand new table games. This is precisely the thing that distinguishes them from all the other table game joints.

If you decide to visit this place, be prepared for some gambling by the pool; Golden Nugget provides tables outside, in the pool area.

MGM Grand: It Is All About Diversity

If you are not what others may consider an experienced gambler, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of Las Vegas. The trick is to find a place that introduces some variety into the gambling scene.

MGM Grand may just be what you are looking for. Other than the standard table games and slots, this place offers games that the gambling community may view as unconventional. In the spirit of diversity, MGM Grand hosts billiard tables and an arcade with some of the most popular video and slot games.

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa: Leaving the Strip


For all of you who want to experience the unique sensation of being in Las Vegas—but are not thrilled by the idea of being in a crowd—this resort is the perfect choice for you. It is located outside the Strip, enabling it to avoid the overcrowdedness — hence why it is so spacious. However, the location of this place does not deprive it of the atmosphere Las Vegas is famous for.

Apart from all the standard casino games, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa offers a bingo hall and a bowling alley, along with restaurants, bars, pools, and of course, a spa. As you could probably imagine, this place is the perfect combination of a gambling venue and a vacation resort.

Gambling in Nevada Outside of Vegas

Now that we have left the Strip, it is time to leave the city of Las Vegas altogether. We are about to explore the rest of Nevada’s territory. You would be surprised if you only knew just how many great places are in the shadow of the Gambling Capital of the World.

Reno, NV

There is one significant difference between Reno and its extravagant neighbor. Gambling in Reno is more affordable in comparison to gambling in Las Vegas. If you happen to be attracted by the state of Nevada, but you dislike the idea of spending a lot of money in Vegas, this might be the solution. You will get to enjoy your favorite games at lower prices and while also getting a chance to visit the Nightingale Concert Hall — the famous music venue in Reno.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

This tropical-themed casino is perfect if you are looking for a mix of relaxation and thrill that gambling provides. Other than a casino area, this gambling resort offers a variety of restaurants, along with an award-winning spa. In addition to that, you will get to enjoy live entertainment acts.

Boomtown Reno

In case you believe that gambling resorts are not suitable for families, Boomtown Reno will prove you wrong. This happens to be a multifunctional place. In addition to over 600 slot machines, live and video poker games, Keno, and sports betting, Boomtown Reno features an arcade for children. Needless to say, a number of great restaurants are at your disposal as well. What would a family vacation be without a nice family dinner? An alternative to this place is the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Downtown Reno.

Eldorado Hotel and Casino

This resort has something for everyone’s taste. It provides its visitors with luxury resembling that of Las Vegas, but it is a friendly environment at the same time. You can engage in games of chance, such as slots, but you also have the possibility of playing some more elaborate games that require strategic thinking, like poker. If you are a sports aficionado, you will find your retreat at this place immensely satisfying, as it features sports betting, among all the other forms of gambling.

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Even though Reno gives away the impression of being a secluded place, it features some rather extravagant resorts, such as this one. Grand Sierra Resort and Casino happens to be the biggest gambling venue in Reno. Other than being perfect for gambling enthusiasts, it is also a great choice for a family vacation. It features a number of restaurants and bars, a movie theater, a shopping mall, the popular FunQuest Family Fun Center, and even a wedding chapel.

Harrah’s Reno Hotel and Casino

Harrah’s Reno

This happens to be a casino with the biggest jackpot payout in the history of gambling in Reno. Harrah’s Reno is famous for poker and table games in general. It is among the most popular venues in Reno, as it offers great services in addition to entertaining and fruitful games.

Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino

Silver Legacy is the first building you will get to see when you go to Reno, as it is the most prominent one on the city’s skyline. This resort comprises an enormous number of slot machines along with table games, Keno, and the city’s biggest sports betting wall. Therefore, if you associate gambling with grandiosity, Silver Legacy may be your dream resort.


If you consider gambling one of your favorite recreational activities, the places I have listed are destined to appeal to you. Based on the description of these resorts and your preferences, you can find the most interesting one and enjoy your vacation big style. Once you figure out which casino pattern suits you best, you can further explore the state of Nevada. If you follow my advice, you will get to experience the resorts in Wendover, along with some other intriguing gambling venues on your way.