Gambling Trip to Louisiana

Gambling Trip to Louisiana

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Louisiana has a fascinating history when it comes to their gambling options, rights, and regulations. This state has openly outlawed online gambling and showed the willingness to legally pursue any company that tried to abuse loopholes in their laws. However, nowadays, there are plenty of legally regulated options for Louisiana’s residents and visitors alike when it comes to gambling. Those options include horse racing, poker, and video poker games. Modern-day Louisiana became one of the most gambling-friendly regions in the South, with a total of 21 Louisiana casinos and six Native American casinos offering players plenty of venues to choose from.

Gambling in Louisiana

There are many forms of live gambling in Louisiana, with horse racing being one of the oldest and the most popular ones. That is why there are several tracks that offer live horse racing and players are loving them. However, this is the only type of legal gambling since daily fantasy sports and games of chance are strongly prohibited. This prevents many offshore companies from even take a shot at opening a sports betting site in Louisiana.

However, you will have an option to participate in their state lottery and purchase scratch cards, lotto tickets, or bingo cards in one of their non-profit organizations that are legally operating within the state.

Types of Casinos in Louisiana

As previously mentioned, there are indeed legally operating casinos in Louisiana that offer a wide range of entertainment. One of the first types of casinos legalized in Louisiana were riverboat casinos. The state law allowed this type of gambling institution to exist for a simple reason. They wanted to allow the gambling to go on, but they also wanted to limit the areas where it could take place.

There are over a dozen riverboat casinos that have been successfully operating for years now. But there are also two more types that we need to mention. Namely, Louisiana also boasts several Native American casinos and a single chain of land-based casinos — Harrah’s.

Harrah’s Casino

Harrah’s Casino

However, an exception to Louisiana’s laws is Harrah’s New Orleans complex of casinos that have a permit to operate on land. The main reason they got the agreement is a piece of legislation that made them guarantee a minimal number of jobs they will create in return.

Namely, the casino guarantees to employ at least 2,400 people in exchange for this quasi-monopoly. Even though those don’t all have to be employed at full-time positions and the number of employees may vary. Harrah’s Casinos agreed to pay additional annual taxes to the state in order to remain operational. Namely, the latest agreement is for the casino to pay around $60 million in extra taxes. These conditions prevented any future conflict between Harrah’s casino complex and the Government of Louisiana, so their expansion began.

Furthermore, another interesting feature of this casino is their policy: “Your drink is a touch away,” which means that you don’t need to wait in line to be served your favorite drink. Also, you can order directly from your seat at the slot machine by just choosing the “Beverages” option, and your drink will be on the way.

What is more, during “Lucky Sundays” between 7–11 PM in the high-limits area, all players receive a lucky voucher of $300 at the Baccarat table.

So receiving daily, weekly, and monthly promotional offers while being a guest at Harrah’s New Orleans venue is one of their biggest traits besides their luxurious interior, plenty of gaming options, and professional staff.

Harrah’s New Orleans

Harrah’s New Orleans provides a complete resort experience with excellent offers, loyalty rewards, plenty of performances in their massive theaters, and much, much more. So join their Caesars Rewards club and you might even become one of the two lucky winners of a trip to many exotic destinations. In addition, earn loyalty badges, enjoy their daily and weekly awards and promotional offers, and use them on one of their 1,700 machines. Alternatively, you can even check some Baccarat tables and get an opportunity to win an astounding prize — $10,000 that awaits one lucky player every month.

Harrah’s Louisiana Downs in Bossier City

Moreover, if you’re a fan of horse racing, visit Harrah’s Louisiana Downs in Bossier City that offers 24/7 betting. This 11,976 sq ft of gaming space features around 1,300 slot machines and around 100 table games options. This interesting property also has four restaurants and a few bars offering a place to relax at between races.

Native American Casinos

Native American Casinos

No gambling trip in the USA should go without visiting at least one Native American casino. Thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1998, Native Americans reserved the right to own and operate casinos offering anything from slots to table games and everything in between. One of the most famous ones include Coushatta Casino Resort and Paragon Casino Resort, which offer a large variety of games, as well as their well-known bingo halls. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit those resorts while in Louisiana — it will be time well spent.

Riverboat Casinos

And of course, to get the full Louisiana experience, you simply have to try your luck in one of the many Riverboat Casinos. These type of casinos have a really interesting history. In some areas, gambling was allowed only while the ship was sailing which mostly included traditional excursions. One of the most famous riverboat casinos is located in the heart of Baton Rouge’s downtown. This amazing casino has three floors and has a rich selection of slots, poker, blackjack, and craps. So if you’re interested in dining, gambling and relaxing by the beautiful scenery of the Mississippi river, consider visiting Louisiana’s riverboat casinos.


Overall, apart from their initial resistance towards online gambling, the Government of Louisiana chose a pragmatic approach and licensed different types of gambling venues. By making these exceptions, Louisiana allowed many casinos to thrive and gave their residents and tourists an opportunity to enjoy in well-regulated gambling sites that became some of the state’s most popular attractions. By legalizing these riverboats establishments, the state of Louisiana came to realize that this course of action was highly profitable. That is what put Louisiana on the map.

So if you are looking to have a wonderful time on your gambling trip, you can visit the land of bayous and enjoy some of the best casinos in the world.